PEOPLE.  We are committed to the personal development and growth of all of our people. We are committed to the continuing education, improving skills, and the career development of our workforce. Our goal is that RQ employees find meaningful purpose in their work.

SAFETY.  We value people over all other things. We are committed to a safe work environment.

ETHICS.  We strive to maintain integrity and to be honest and forthright in all of our business practices. We are committed to our word and we stand on the Bible as our moral authority.

TEAMWORK.  We respect and value each person’s contribution as we work together toward our common goals. While holding each other accountable, we encourage, coach, and support one another.

INNOVATION.  We are committed to excellence and a never-ending improvement of all that we do. We are committed to both doing things right while doing the right things. RQ employees are always looking for a better way.

DISCIPLINE.  We are committed to defined regimens of thinking, behavior, and conduct in order to develop, control, and continuously improve our decision-making in relation to our strategies, standards, and team building for the sake of excellent results in all facets of our work.

Q3 2021 Flywheel

Q3 2021 Flywheel

Saint Augustine of Hippo held the most prestigious academic position in the Roman Empire before forsaking it, soon becoming bishop of the not-so-famous city of Hippo in northern Africa.

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Q2 2021 Flywheel

Q2 2021 Flywheel

Many people in RQ and associated with RQ may not know that everything we do is for a reason, and that includes projects we pursue. It may not “feel” that way, but a lot of thought goes into the projects we pursue.

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Q1 2021 Flywheel

Q1 2021 Flywheel

Success is an interesting concept. If viewed in narrow sense, it is pretty easy to grasp. You have a goal, and if you achieve that goal, you have achieved success. If viewed dynamically, success is a process…

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