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RQ attended the 2013 Navy Gold Coast as an exhibitor on August 27 and 28. Members from our Small Business and Marketing departments met multiple new businesses and discussed opportunities to team in the future. Over 1000 people attended this event with nearly 200 companies exhibiting. We challenged our visitors to a game of estimating the quantity of nails in a jar – Kendall from Countywide Mechanical Systems nailed the number and took home a Dremel tool set. Congrats, Kendall!

Christie, RQ’s Small Business Program Manager, noted, “The Navy’s Gold Coast Small Business Procurement conference always brings positive results to RQ’s Small Business Program. A popular event such as this one draws a good number of businesses from the local community and from the Southwest region.  We all see this conference as an opportunity to meet excellent small business firms and spend the extra time to meet one on one.  I especially noticed that the exhibit and speaker schedule this year afforded much more time to network with new businesses. The RQ team was encouraged by the valuable contacts made and for the opportunity to promote RQ’s commitment to qualified small business firms.”

If you are interested in working with RQ, please fill out our prequalification form at the “Subcontractors” link below. Any questions can be directed to Christie, our Small Business Program Manager at