RQ’s Philosophy Includes Five Core Competencies

Lean Production of Work

RQ understands our operation and dedicates each step of our process to the delivery of measurable value. We make an effort to minimize excess time, costs, and energy to provide increased quality and value to customers while honoring our team’s goals and contributions.

Extreme Integration

The RQ process encourages streamlined workflow, increased efficiency, transparent information share, and continued improvement. Our in-house departments and resources were designed to leverage this integrated process and effectively achieve our shared goal.


Every project is a chance to re-define value, outline objectives, craft strategy, and provide solutions based on current experience and knowledge. We also make a point to create markers for evaluation of our progress and performance.

Virtual Design and Construction

RQ utilizes virtual design and construction (VDC) as a tool to minimize waste and increase efficiency in the design-build process. In our VDC tool kit is Building Information Modeling.

Learning / Knowledge

RQ is committed to constant improvement. Every lesson learned is noted as an opportunity and every innovation is researched. Learning is fun at RQ University – an active program for our team that promotes knowledge share across all departments.