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On September 4th, RQ celebrated the ribbon cutting of the design-build P-111 MALS-39 Maintenance Hangar Expansion. The new hangar will address the increase in missions and aircraft from the new Integrated Maintenance Process and NADEP level H-1 maintenance. The facilities include a hangar bay and attached two-story administration building with a combined gross area of 37,997 square feet. Spaces include offices, engineering shops. a tool room, operational spaces, break rooms, training areas, and locker rooms.

One paint room and one blast room are located on one side, while a tail boom and composite shop anchors the other side. The plastic media blast facility allows the user to utilize a dry abrasive blasting process rather than a chemical paint stripping operation. As a result, the use of PMB paint stripped decreases the quantity of solvents used and stored on site, and reduces the amount of hazardous waste produced. After the aircraft are blasted, they are then moved into a state of the art paint booth, where they are completely repainted.

Built-in equipment includes one 2-stop hydraulic elevator and three 5-ton bridge cranes. The project conforms to anti-terrorism / force protection standards and followed Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Federal Energy Acts compliance criteria for design, development, and construction of the project.

Congratulations to the project team for the successful completion of these facilities!