On June 14th, RQ-Berg celebrated the completion of the P982M Facility Energy Improvements project at MCAS Miramar. RQ-Berg provided the design and construction of the new metering station and base interconnecting electrical distribution line that connects an existing power transfer station with a methane-fueled power plant. This plant will supply about half of the daily energy demand for the Miramar base, in turn conserving resources and reducing total ownership costs.

This project involved approximately 7,000 overhead medium voltage and fiber optic lines, 14,000 underground medium voltage and fiber optic lines, and will supply 3 MW of power to the base. A 1,500 sqft Metering Building and over 50 vaults support line maintenance. A SCADA / UCS system allows electrical equipment to communicate with the base should there be any issues in the lines or equipment.

For more information about this event, please visit the Navy website.