RQ attended the 2012 Navy Gold Coast as an exhibitor on August 7 and 8. Members from our Small Business, Marketing, and Estimating departments met multiple new businesses and discussed opportunities to team in the future. Over 1200 people attended this event with more than 250 companies exhibiting. We challenged our visitors to a game of estimating the quantity of drywall screws in a jar – John from Aragon Construction nailed the number and took home a Dewalt screw gun and bit set. Congrats John!

Christie, RQ’s SBLO, noted, “It was great attending the Navy Gold Coast with my team from RQ – Alissa, Christina, and Ryan.  The conference provided us with opportunity to network with local government agencies such as NAVFAC Southwest and Army Corps of Engineers. Also, we became more informed of the happenings in local government construction.  Most importantly, it established a platform for introductions and conversations with new and familiar subcontractors. Each one of us were able to share RQ’s mission to qualify and work with excellent local subcontractors.”

If you are interested in working with RQ, any questions can be directed to Christie, our Small Business Liaison Officer at cdunckel@rqconstruction.com.